gorilla grow tentsAn indoor grow tent provides the perfect indoor growing space for the year round gardener or cannabis hydroponic growing hobbyist. A grow tent is convenient and provides many benefits when growing your own such as instant garden space without the need to remodel your property, although they are not intended for huge grow operations. Setting up a grow tent is easy and most tents are designed to streamline the growing process with quick set-up and support to hang grow lights, fans and other ventilation equipment.

If you are cultivating your own herb or medicinal garden, an indoor grow tent will provide incredible results with awesome plants. Conversely, the wrong type of tent could jeopardize your entire harvest. With the myriad of options available in grow your own and hydroponic growing equipment, let’s review some of the most important considerations when buying your indoor grow tent to get you started out with a green thumb you can be proud of.

Considerations When Buying Your Grow Tent

Here are some of the most important considerations when buying your indoor grow tent to be sure that your tent best suits your needs.

Tent Size

One of the most important considerations is the size of the space you want to grow in. Tens come in varying sizes and heights, although one thing often overlooked is the amount of equipment inside your tent which can make indoor growing space a little tight.

Maximizing the height of your tent allows grow lights to be placed far enough above your plants and gives more room for ventilation fans and air filters. You could easily lose 1 foot of indoor tent growing space in the width and height once your equipment is in place.

Tent Durability

You can find indoor grow tents on varying ends of the cost spectrum, with lower priced tents typically containing lower end, flimsy materials. You’ll be using your tent daily so keep in mind that low-quality zippers, seals and tears in the exterior will lead to problems with your plant health.

A sturdy grow tent will support daily visits to your garden where you may jostle around the tent a bit as you care for your budding babies. A sturdy tent will see you through many harvests without the need to disrupt your growing process to repair or replace your tent.

Tent Features

Before you purchase your grow tent and start filling it with your favorite cannabis seedlings, consider some appealing features that will help you to enjoy your indoor marijuana garden even more:

  • See-through windows so you can easily check on your plants
  • Removal floor trays to easily collect and remove runoff water
  • Full-side exposure or large door openings for easier access
  • Duct vents for easy installation of upper and lower intake/exhaust fans

These are just a few features that may help you enjoy your indoor growing even more and provide added convenience when tending to your plants. Follow these tips to help you choose the right indoor growing tent that best suits your needs and let the knowledgeable staff at RainMakers Supply help answer all your questions.

RainMakers Supply Offers Quality Indoor Grow Tents

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