RainMakers Supply offers these hydro growing tips and others from our horticulture experts as we hope that you enjoy growing as much as we do. We offer all of the growing supplies, equipment and even on-site classes to ensure your success. Contact us with any questions and for more tried-and-true hydroponic growing tips.

Hydroponic growing is becoming increasingly popular as there are many benefits to growing without soil and with the right hydroponic growing tips you can enjoy all that hydro growing has to offer.

Benefits of Hydroponic Growing

There are many benefits to hydroponic growing such as higher yields, faster grow cycles, saving water, and less pesticides. Growing organic crops hydroponically eliminates the chance of soil borne diseases with your cannabis plants in a clean, protected environment. Cannabis is sensitive to heavy metals and soil impurities, eliminating the use of soil allows your plants to drink purified, nutrient-rich water.
With the proper planning, the right equipment, and hydroponic growing tips from the horticulture experts at RainMakers Supply, you will be on your way to growing beautiful, healthy plants all year long.

Hydroponic Growing Tips

Talk to your friends at RainMakers about choosing the right method of hydroponic growing, equipment and supplies for you depending on the type of crop or cannabis you wish to grow, your space and available resources. Once you choose the right method and equipment for your hydroponic garden, there are some basic hydroponic growing tips and best practices to help you succeed in growing productive and healthy plants.
Here are some of the most important hydroponic growing tips:
1) Be Sure to Use Sterile Equipment and Tanks
Whatever method you choose, your equipment, including water reservoirs, filters, and piping will all have to be sanitized to prevent root rot and pathogens from developing and spreading. Have hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol on hand to regularly disinfect your equipment.
2) Begin with pH Neutral, Clean Water
Maintaining a pH level of 7 is ideal for the water circulating in your hydroponic system. A reverse osmosis (RO) system is helpful to maintain neutral water, although distilled water is another good option until you can obtain an RO system.
3) Maintain the Right Temperatures
The water circulating through your hydroponic system should be maintained at about 65°F (18°C) to prevent algae and facilitate maximum nutrient absorption. You can maintain the air temperature in your grow room a little warmer, close to 75°F (24°C) and your cannabis plants should be quite happy.
4) Use a Humidifier and Dehumidifier Accordingly
Marijuana plants need varying levels of humidity depending on their developmental stage. When your plants are young you should maintain a humidity level around 60 to 70%, once they reach the flowering phase they need only about 40% humidity. Using a humidifier and dehumidifier accordingly provides the best growing environment for your cannabis plants throughout the entire growing phase.
5) Choose the Right Grow Lights and Use a Light Meter
There are many options for hydroponic grow lights, and the type of lighting you choose will depend upon your available space, your budget, and the distance between your plants and your lights. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are good for smaller grow areas although are a little more costly than Compact Florescent Lights (CFL), which is another good option for smaller rooms. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are better for large grow rooms that have good ventilation and air flow. Whatever grow lighting you choose, make sure they can produce sufficient lighting between 400 to 700 nanometer (nm). A light meter is fairly inexpensive and can help to ensure that your grow lights will get the job done.
6) Maintain Airflow and Ventilation
It is critical for the health of your cannabis plants to keep air circulating and also helps to provide even temperatures and air exchange. You should mount your fans so that they are positioned to cover maximum area with unobstructed ventilation.
7) Use High-Quality, Reliable Cannabis Seeds
With all of the preparation, planning and procuring of equipment, the fact remains that quality cannabis plants start with quality cannabis seeds. Marijuana plants will only produce what the seeds have been genetically predisposed to produce. Following these hydroponic growing tips will ensure that your cannabis plants grow as close to their potential as possible.