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Grow Your Own. Brew Your Own.

At Rainmakers Supply, we strive to provide the best hydroponics, brew and growing supplies. We take pride in supplying our constituents with top customer service, along with the best products the industry has to offer. Our unique store is perfect for the beginner or advanced individual, and our team will always go above and beyond to help you ‘Grow your own. Brew your own’.
— Deborah Glasgow, Owner

The Rainmakers Experience.

Your number one home brewing, winemaking and hydroponics supplier. 

Rainmakers Supply prides itself on offering a unique experience led by industry leaders. Our team of experts will carefully craft your packages, plans, and tutorials to make sure you are successful in growing a bountiful indoor garden or creating your own craft beer or wine.

Unparalleled Inventory.

We offer an extensive selection of supplies and ingredients for home brewing and winemaking, as well as a comprehensive selection of indoor gardening and hydroponics supplies and equipment. 

For the home brewer, we carry hops, dozens of grain varieties, yeasts for lagers and ales, brewing equipment and kits. For the hydroponics lover, we offer indoor grow lights, fertilizers and supplements, irrigation systems, testing equipment, natural pest controls and a variety of other wonderful gardening toys. 

Exclusive Membership.

At Rainmakers Supply, you’ll always be treated like family. Our expert brewers and gardeners are here to provide you with the tools and information you need to be successful in any area.

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