FoxFarm SoilRainMakers Supply offers FoxFarm Soil products as part of our dedication to providing the best soil, fertilizers, and pest control for your gardening and hydroponic growing success.

FoxFarm Soil: Home Grown from Humbodlt Nation

FoxFarm Soil is a family owned and operated business, born and raised in Humboldt Nation more than 30 years ago. Humboldt County in the state of California is located north of San Francisco, on the Pacific Coast in Northern California’s densely forested, rugged mountain ranges. Humboldt Bay is California’s second largest natural bay, and Humboldt County alone produces 20% of the total volume and 30% of the total value of all forest products produced in California.
Humboldt Nation has a reputation for bringing the simple goodness the cannabis plant has to offer humanity, with a goal of unifying hearts and minds together to understand, love and appreciate the benefits of the amazing plant Mother Earth offers for us all. FoxFarm Soil is proud to offer Humboldt County, the country and the rest of the world gardening products that help give life to your plants to blossom as nature intended.

FoxFarm Soil: Soil and Soil Conditioners

FoxFarm Soil has supplied consistent, uncompromising quality in soil and soil conditioners since 1984, with a passion for producing the finest soil mixes, micro-brewed liquid plant foods and fertilizers. Here are some of the most popular FoxFarm Soil soils offered by RainMakers Supply:
Happy Frog® Potting Soil – this microbe rich soil improves your root efficiency and encourages nutrient uptake in your plants. With natural soil conditioners like bat guano, earthworm castings, and aged forest products we bring the nutrition to your plants because your plants deserve the best. This is an ideal soil for container gardening, whether growing flowers on the patio or cannabis indoors, Happy Frog® Potting Soil makes for happy plants.
Ocean Forest® Potting Soil – As the name suggests, Ocean Forest potting soil by FoxFarm features a powerhouse blend of the best nutrients the ocean and the forest have to offer. Your plants will thrive with a combination of earthworm castings, bat guano, crab meal, fish emulsion and a blend of aged forest products. Sphagnum peat moss and sandy loam give Ocean Forest an aerated, light texture your plants will love. Ready to use right out of the bag and ideal for containers, there is no need to start with nitrogen fertilizers. Try FoxFarm Big Bloom liquid plant food instead to get everything off to the best start.

FoxFarm Soil: Liquid Fertilizers

FoxFarm liquid fertilizers combine the goodness of nature with the best of technology. You will always notice three numbers in front of fertilizers, these numbers represent the primary nutrients of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), in that order. Our liquid fertilizers include:
Big Bloom – 0 – 0.5 – 0.7. This liquid plant food is registered CDFA Organic Input Material and OMRI Listed®, made with carefully selected blends of fertilizers formulated to specifically support seed formations and multiple blooms. Big Bloom liquid fertilizer gives your plants nutrients that can be immediately accessed such as earthworm castings and bat guano. Big Bloom can be used during all stages of your plant’s growth and is designed for all flowering and fruiting plants.
Grow Big® – 6-4-4. This liquid concentrate fertilizer is a special brew that supports lush vegetative growth and enhanced plant structure and size. Grow Big allows for more abundant flower, bud and fruit development. This liquid plant food is specially formulated to maintain stability in storage with low pH that keeps micronutrients available.
Tiger Bloom® – 2-8-4. This liquid plant food is a high phosphorus fertilizer with micronutrients for viscous blooms and vigorous growth. Made with low pH to support stability in storage and available micronutrients, this fertilizer is ideal in both soil and hydroponic growing. Tiger Bloom is formulated for abundant flower and bud development and can be used from the first signs of flowering up to harvest time. Gardening tip – dilute in water in a spray bottle and use as a foliar spray fertilizer on both sides of leaves early in the morning.

FoxFarm Soil: Pest Control

Controlling pests is critical to healthy gardening whether growing indoors or outdoors. FoxFarm Soil has great pest control products to keep your plants healthy and free from flying and crawling pests.

Don’t Bug Me® Home & Garden Insect Spray – this pest control is great for indoor or outdoor home gardens and is ready to use with no measuring or mixing required. Don’t Bug Me can be applied up to harvest time and kills listed pesky insects on contact. This effective pest control contains Pyrethrum, derived from the Chrysanthemum flower, which flushes out hiding insects so they can be sprayed for immediate kill on contact.

RainMakers Supply offers these FoxFarm soil, fertilizer, and pest control solutions for happy, healthy plants. We are your full-service hydroponic grow store in Chicago with equipment, supplies and horticulture experts at your ready. Contact us to learn more about our quality products including these from FoxFarm Soil.