Whether you are just beginning to enjoy home brewing or you have mastered your favorite batches, creating your own home brew requires one last, very important step, bottling. Choosing the right beer bottles for home brewing is vital in preserving your crafted home brew with the same great flavor as when first made.  With so many options, you might be wondering what beer bottles are best for your home brew.

Maybe you want to hear the pop of a beer bottle cap on a longneck every time you enjoy a cold one, or you might want reusable bottles and tops if you brew a lot of beer.  You should consider what your personal preference is along with the environment your beer will be stored.

RainMakers Supply is here to help you understand your home brew bottling options whether you stop in the store or come to one of home brewing classes.  Get your brewing enthusiasts together for a home brew party and learn more about home brew bottling to increase your enjoyment.

Bottling Your Home Brew, Things to Think About

Before we look at the different types of beer bottles for your home brew, it is important to understand that the bottling process is as important as mashing or fermentation and if done incorrectly can easily ruin your batch. It’s important to control light exposure and oxygen levels for proper carbonation. If storing your beer bottles in a location that is not completely dark you should choose a dark-tinted glass bottle to keep light and warmth out of your bottles.

Bottling your home brew with air-tight bottles is just as important.  Reusable swing-top bottles are popular among homebrewers although you have to be careful to make sure they are closed and sealed properly.  Think about the shape and size of bottle you prefer such as traditional 12-ounce bottles or larger 22-ounce bottles, also called bombers.

Types of Beer Bottles for Home Brewing

RainMakers Supply can help you examine the several different types of beer bottles for your home brew, including some of the most popular choices:

Glass Long-Neck Beer Bottles

Glass long-neck bottles for home brewing resemble the bottles you are used to from your local pub or liquor store, with a bottle cap made for popping with your favorite bottle-opener.  You’ll need a capper device and some crown caps, which is simple enough and before you know it you’ll have a fridge stocked with some cool looking beer bottles.

Glass bottles are tough but of course one slip and they will break if dropped. The typical size is 12-ounce bottles in an amber colored glass that come in a case of 24, you may need at least two cases to bottle a 5-gallon batch.

Glass Swing Top Bottles

Glass swing top bottles are popular among craft home brewers as they are reusable with a swing top self-locking cap.  These beer bottles protect your home brew, look and feel great and can be used again and again.  Just like the glass long-necks, they will break if dropped and unlike the caps, if the swing top isn’t lined up perfectly oxygen can enter the bottle and affect the carbonation.  Just make sure you have a good seal and they should last for many home brew batches.

PET Bottles

PET beer bottles are a good choice for beginners until they become familiar with the beer bottling process, they can be reused many times, are durable and affordable. They are easy to clean and PET bottles will not shatter like glass if dropped.  Be sure to seal tightly and store in a dark place as usual to try to avoid any oxidation during carbonation.

Oxygen Barrier PET Bottles

Oxygen Barrier PET beer bottles for homebrewing are sturdier than the standard PET bottle with thicker walls that help to prevent oxidation and loss of carbonation. Oxidation will degrade the flavor and aroma from your beer, just like the PET standard bottles you can squeeze the bottle to gauge carbonation. For the home brews that require a long conditioning time, oxygen barrier PET bottles are a good choice to get those bold recipe flavors that take more time without the risk of oxidation.

At RainMakers Supply, you will find a wide selection of the highest in quality beer bottles and tips from experienced home brewers who care about your success. Check out our home brewing store serving Chicagoland and surrounding areas with quality home brew ingredients, supplies and equipment.  Contact us for more information on choosing the best beer bottles for your home brewing creations.