Soil King
RainMakers Supply offers world class Soil King super soils, designed by growers, for growers. Soil King soils come with value and nutrition already in it, providing a balanced diet that takes your plants to harvest.

Soil King Soils, Changing the World One Plant at a Time

Big Rootz® super soil by Soil King is a clean tested soil which undergoes beta testing for two years before being released. Big Rootz soil products are pesticide free, GMO free and free of heavy metals, meeting approval for California’s Prop 65 mandates, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Soil King soils began with a mission to provide clean medicine, with soils that do not contain any contamination.
Soil King super soils allow your soils to do what they are supposed to do, with a recipe that compliments Mother Earth, and healthy runoff that adds value. You can always add more biology, but when you start with Big Rootz super soil, you are already starting with the best features without buying bottled nutrients. Grow your plants with Soil King soils, and realize how we can change the world, one plant at a time.

Soil King: Big Rootz Super Soil

Big Rootz super soil is formulated for professional growers and helps the beginning growers with soil that is pH adjusted and enriched. Big Rootz can be used for indoor or outdoor growing, or added to existing soil. This soil exceeds the highest in quality standards and is certified green clean (CGC), with an expert formulation that gives your plants what they need, when they need it.

Big Rootz contains the highest in quality soil amending ingredients and is carefully formulated with a pH between 6.5 and 6.8. This award-winning proprietary blend was developed from knowledgeable research and development to increase the water and nutrient uptake and increase the overall vigor of your plants.

Soil King: Big Rootz Bloom Light Dep Warrior

Enjoy bigger blooms with Soil King Big Rootz Bloom®, Light Dep Warrior, formulated with the same quality ingredients as Big Rootz super soil, but with added mycorrhizae and mineral blend. This soil with the added bloom fertilizer of mycorrhizae is the perfectly blended soil enriched with a unique blend your plants will love.

Soil King: Baby Rootz

Baby Rootz is the only soil on the market specifically for germination that is tested and proven to be free from GMOs, heavy metals, and pesticides. When your seeds are cracking or you want to give those clones the best possible start in life, Baby Rootz has you covered with enriched soil that is designed by growers, for growers.

RainMakers Supply Offers Enriched Soil for Successful Growing

RainMakers Supply is your one stop for quality growing supplies, equipment and customer service! As a leading hydroponic grow store in Chicago, RainMakers Supply has what you need whether you are a seasoned grow expert or a novice beginning your home growing journey.

Our horticulture experts can help explain the various types of hydroponic growing methods and equipment needed whether growing in soil or with soilless growing media. When growing in soil, you cannot go wrong with Soil King Big Rootz or Baby Rootz tested and proven enriched soil products.

RainMakers Supply offers growing equipment, supplies and classes as we want you to succeed and love growing as much as we do. Our horticulture experts are ready to help you with the best growing supplies and service in the industry. Contact us to learn more about growing in soil with Big Rootz® enriched super soil from Soil King.