FloraFlex Hydroponic Nutrients logoYou can find FloraFlex hydroponic growing supplies at Rainmakers Supply, including combo hydroponic nutrients for various plant stages as well as irrigation and propagation growing supplies.


FloraFlex is recognized for providing hydroponic growing supplies and nutrients that are carefully designed based on vast experience and inspiration from So Cal growers. The dedicated team at FloraFlex listened and learned from industry experts, using methods and traditions that formed the foundation for all products to help customers enjoy a home growing experience. Growing your own plants and cultivating your own cannabis can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and FloraFlex strives to make your growing experience as simple and successful as possible for healthy, beautiful, and bountiful plants.
FloraFlex provides all the hydroponic nutrients and growing supplies your grow system needs with combo nutrients, foliar sprays, trays, pots, drippers, hoses and more. The hydroponic growing experts at RainMakers can help you to choose the best FloraFlex products with the right mix of nutrients and supplies for your grow system.

FloraFlex Hydroponic Nutrients

All plants, whether growing tomatoes or cannabis, require an array of elements to reach their maximum nutritional potential. Three main nutrients include carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are available through water and the air. The remaining essential elements must be provided to the plant and absorbed through the root system, and include necessary macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients.

Macronutrients include Nitrogen (N) for strong vigorous growth, Phosphorus (P) which is key for photosynthesis, and Potassium (K) for overall plant health and high-quality fruits, flowers, or buds. Secondary nutrients are required in smaller quantities and include calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and others. Micronutrients are also required in smaller quantities and include boron, iron, zinc, and others.

FloraFlex hydroponic nutrients include all essential elements carefully balanced in both the Vegetative and Bloom cycle two part formulas.

Combo Nutrients Veg V1® and V2® – includes all essential elements and nutrients for plants during the vegetative stage. The simple powder combo nutrients take the guesswork out of maintaining proper balance as you first mix the V1 into your water source until it dissolves, then add the V2.

Combo Nutrients Bloom B1™ and B2™ – includes all essential elements and nutrients for plants throughout the entire flowering stage. Mix B1 into your water source first, then add B2 in 1 to 3 teaspoons per each 5 gallons, depending on your desired EC.

Veg and Bloom Foliar Spray – FloraFlex Foliars provide essential elements directly to plants through the exterior epidermis and stomata to promote vigorous plant growth. Mix 4 to 5 grams per each gallon of water and spray to plants every 5 to 7 days.

Full Tilt™ – Go “Full Tilt” at the end of your Bloom stage with this easy to use powder formula that you add to your water source for the last two weeks of fertilized feedings.

Ask RainMakers for assistance in mixing the right amounts of V1, V2, B1, B2 and Full Tilt for your plant growth stage and growing system.

FloraFlex Irrigation and Propagation

FloraFlex trays, pots, drippers, and hoses are made to last and provide many benefits to hydroponic grow systems. Quality growing products save water, time, and money. FloraFlex growing products can conserve up to 60% of water and nutrients by incorporating the most efficient methods of nutrient delivery to your plants. Eliminate the risk of algae by keeping the top of your grow media dry with subsurface drippers and blocking light at the top of your media.

Take control of your hydroponic grow system and take the guesswork out of feeding with innovative and easy to use FloraFlex hydroponic nutrients and grow system products.

RainMakers Supply is your one stop for all hydroponic growing system needs including nutrients, supplies and experienced guidance. We offer a wide selection of hydroponic growing supplies and equipment from the top names in the industry. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the many benefits of using quality hydroponic nutrients and supplies by FloraFlex.