Home Beer Brewing EquipmentIf you are considering brewing your own beer at home, you will need some basic home beer brewing equipment to get you started.  Whether looking to start a new hobby, or up your home brewing game, quality equipment and supplies will help make home brewing easy.  The basic equipment needs to get started brewing include:

  • Fermenting buckets
  • Kettles
  • Element burner
  • Wort chiller
  • Beer bottles
  • Capper

Rainmakers Supply offers everything you need to get started home brewing, and to make it even easier we offer a home brew kit that includes all the essentials except an ingredient kit and a kettle.  Once you gather the following equipment, you can brew, ferment, and bottle your favorite beverage like a pro. 

Home Beer Brewing Equipment Essentials

 Getting started with quality home brewing supplies and equipment is the first step for successful home brewing.  It is important to effectively manage the fermentation process with the right strain of yeast and to keep sanitary conditions a top priority when handling all equipment and ingredients.  RainMakers Supply offers the following home beer brew equipment must haves along with a wide selection of quality ingredients and expert tips for successful home brews.

Fermentation Buckets

You’ll need some sort of vessel to hold the wort while it ferments into beer. Using a fermentation bucket is simple, inexpensive, and a good way to get familiar with brewing.


 The kettle, or brew pot, is where the boiling process takes place, with extract, hops and other ingredients. RainMakers Supply offers kettles in 8,16 or 20-gallon sizes to give any home brew plenty of headspace to avoid a boil over.

Element Burner 

The right element burner will allow you to spend more time brewing and less time waiting.  The Brewers Best element burner will bring up to 10 gallons of water to a boil quickly and efficiently.

Wort Chiller 

A wort chiller is essential to speed up the cooling process, getting your wort to a yeast pitch-able temperature.  Cool water is flushed through copper coils and immersed in your wort for quick and efficient cooling of your home brew batch.  This cooling of the wort, the cold break, causes solids to form and fall out of the solution which are left behind when transferring your wort to the fermenter.

A wort chiller is a must have for the serious home brewer who wants to brew quality beer efficiently and will cut hours out of your brewing time. Using a wort chiller will also reduce the risk of contamination in your brew.  You can find the Cold Break Wort Chiller at RainMakers Supply, along with expert tips in chilling and fermenting.

Beer Bottles

You’ve perfected your home brew batch and are ready to bottle.  Bottling in air-tight bottles is an important step to preserve your beer’s quality and taste.  Consider the size, shape or style of bottles that you prefer, some of the most popular home brew beer bottles include:

  • Glass Long-Neck Beer Bottles – gives you that familiar feeling of a cold bottle of beer from your favorite bar, with a pop-cap so you can hear the freshness.
  • Glass Swing Top Bottles – popular among home brewers, convenient and cos-effective reusable bottles with a swing-top cap.
  • PET Bottles – a good choice for the beginning home brewer, durable and affordable.
  • Oxygen Barrier PET Bottles – thicker and sturdier than standard PET bottles, oxygen barrier bottles help to prevent loss of carbonation and oxidation.


A good bench bottle capper will make bottling your home brew a breeze, with a firm cap and seal to allow your brew to carbonate naturally.

The BeerBox Home Brew Kit

The BeerBox home brew kit is convenient and affordable, and allows you to skip the time-consuming step of bottling.  With the home brew kit, the only home brewing equipment you’ll need are the ingredients and a kettle.  There is no need to take up space with a keg system. The BeerBox fits easily in most fridges and features grab-and-go handles with a built-in tap.  Take the party with you with the BeerBox Home Brew Kit.

Home brewing can be simple with the right equipment and fun to experiment with your favorite ingredients and flavors. The brew masters at RainMakers Supply can help get you started with home beer brew equipment must haves and tips for success, including brew your own classes. Our home brew experts can help you get set up for success with home brewing beer, cider or wine.

RainMakers Supply offers high-quality home brew equipment, supplies, and ingredients including various yeasts, grains, hops, malt extracts and flavorings. Our experienced team provides exceptional customer service for “grow your own” or “brew your own” success.  Contact us with any questions and to get started with quality home beer brewing equipment.