We often think of a warm, soothing cup of tea as a remedy for a cold, or the perfect way to get our daily dose of antioxidants. But did you know that this herbal beverage is also a great way to keep your plants healthy and blossoming?  That’s because tea contains some of the same beneficial compounds found in fertilizers, and in the case of some of these compounds, even higher quantities.

We’ve put this theory to practice using our homebrewed Rainmakers Tea, and the results have been amazing. It’s brewed fresh weekly by Jason at the store!  Between the propagation of bacteria, root cleanliness, and beneficial microbes, they are good for ALL plants.  Tea is a probiotic for your plants like it is for humans with millions of beneficial bacteria.

Compost Tea – Good Bacteria for Plants

Compost tea helps loosen soils for air and water to move through the root system.  It will also help sandy soils retain water and nutrients and the deeper roots retain moisture better and help to reduce runoff.

Compost tea consists mostly of bacillus and lactobacillus (over 30 strains combined) along with multiple strains of mychorrhizae, molasses and many other beneficial bacteria.  There almost no nutrients in tea and is low on ppm’s (close to 0).

To use:
  • Start with 1 cup per-gallon of water to introduce it to your plants.
  • You can use tea at every feeding with nutrients of choice or on watering days only.
  • We recommend keeping it cool by refrigerating to slow the bacteria growth.
  • Stop using when getting ready to flush.

Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions.  You can stop by the store and pick up a Gallon container of our homemade RainMaker’s Tea for $15.  Bring your bottle back for a $10 refill!