Home Brew Pale Ale RecipeIdeally, we would have a stash of our favorite beverage brewed and bottled and ready for every season. You may have a hankering for a hearty flavor in the winter versus your favorite light beverage to sip on a sunny day by the pool.  On a chilly, wintery day a home brew with a bit of spice like cinnamon, cloves, molasses, or caramel tends to warm the soul.

Home Brew Winter Pale Ale

You can get creative with a winter warmer blend while exercising some restraint, the goal is to brew a fundamentally good beer with a subtle touch of spices for a sweet side that is not overwhelming.  Here is a favorite Pale Ale recipe by our own Brew Master, Will:

Yield: PALE ALE – 5 Gallon

Alcohol Content: ABV 5%



8lb – 2 Row

1lb – Munich

.5lb – Carapils

.5lb – Caramel 40

.5lb – Melanoiden


Idaho 7 @ 5 minutes = .5 oz

Citra @ 10 minutes = .5 oz

Idaho 7 @ 15 minutes = .5 oz

Citra @ 30 minutes = .5 oz

Galaxy @ Flameout = 2 oz


  • Mash grains at 152° for 4-60 minutes.
  • Mash out at 168° with pre boil volume 6.5g.
  • Bring wort to rolling boil.
  • Add hops at specified times above.
  • Chill wort to 70° and pitch yeast.
  • After 10 days rack to bottling bucket or keg.
  • If bottle conditioning use 4 oz of priming sugar.

Raise your glass and Cheers! We hope you enjoy this tasty pale ale, and if you are new to brewing at home and would like some tips on home brewing, we are always here to help.

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