Royal Gold Soil chicago

RainMakers Supply offers Royal Gold soils, the original coco soil company located in the heart of Humboldt County, California. Royal Gold is known for potting soils that consistently deliver high quality and performance based on extensive research and development. RainMakers understands that our growing community demands unparalleled results which is why we offer quality Royal Gold coco soils for a sustainable alternative to many traditional growing mediums.

Royal Gold: Exceptional Coco Soil

Royal Gold coco soils are produced, processed, and packaged in one facility in California, with oversight and quality control to maintain the integrity of ingredients for an exceptional final product. Royal Gold soils continue to innovate and deliver new products for the home gardening and hydroponic cultivation industries.

Royal Gold Soil: Tupur

Royal Gold Tupur is a coco fiber based, soilless, 70/30 coco perlite blend that allows you to create your own feeding regimen. With exceptional water holding capacities and a nice oxygen balance, you can water anywhere from one to six times per day. This soilless product will require high levels of magnesium and calcium to unlock the true potential and is great for automatic watering systems like a drip or ebb and flow. You can also use the versatile Tupur blend for great performance in deep water culture and aquaponic systems.

The Tupur blend is so flexible it also excels in gardens that need manual watering with both organic or conventional feeding programs. Quality ingredients include coco fiber, perlite, basalt, and aged forest materials and Tupur is still available in the 2-cubic foot bags.

Royal Gold Soil: Kings Mix

Royal Gold Kings Mix is a moderately amended, well-aerated coco peat blend that is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor gardens, greenhouses, or plants with light deprivation. Kings Mix was the first product to contain peat moss and provided a needed solution for functionality with simplicity. This mix is designed to dry quickly and be ready for immediate feeding as the coco chips help to balance aeration with lingering water retention.

Kings Mix is a good choice for spring or fall planting, cool weather, or high elevation applications as well as propagating seeds for starts and encouraging root development. Kings Mix is ready to use, fast and comes in a 2- or 3-cubic foot bag.

Quality ingredients include coco fiber, sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products, coco chips, perlite, fish bone meal, feather meal, gypsum, basalt, bat guano and dolomite (pH adjuster). This Royal Gold blend has everything included for the first 1 to 2 weeks until you need to start your feeding regimen.

You can count on Royal Gold for quality coco soil grow mediums that help your plants thrive. As industrial hydroponic cultivation and home gardening continue to evolve, Royal Gold continues to deliver innovative growing mediums that help growers succeed.

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