What are grow lights and what choices do I have? Grow lights are a necessary tool for cannabis growers who are unable to grow their cannabis seeds outdoors with the help of sunshine. This could be due to poor climate conditions or simply not enough ideal outdoor space growing to do so. Perhaps they live an area such as Chicago where there are only 3 months of summer.  Or they simply prefer to grow indoors where can control the environment.

In all of these situations, grow lights help to replace the sun to provide the nourishment needed to help the cannabis seeds blossom into beautiful cannabis plants. Let’s take a look at some of the various options you’ll have when choosing grow lights to grow your cannabis seeds.

LED Grow Lights

LED lights are one of the more popular choices of cannabis growers because of their ease of use. They are hung over the plants and can be activated by plugging them into a wall socket. Also, LED grow lights typically have a self-cooling feature that also makes them very convenient since growers don’t need to vent heat and cool them separately like they would with HID bulbs.

If you’re dealing with larger bulbs (300W+), you may want to consider using a cooling fan to prevent overheating. Also, LED lights need more space between the plant and the bulb so your growing area will need to have enough height for it to be successful.

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

This type of grow light is typically used when cannabis plants start to flower. The magic behind HPS grow lights lies in the color of the light it emits. The yellow light it emits actually enhances bud production making it ideal for a higher yield. Also, the rate of yield per watt of electricity is better with HPS grow lights than any other on the market, and this makes it a highly popular light among growers.

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights

Like HPS lights, MH grow lights are also sought out for the color of light they emit. But unlike HPS grow lights, the MH lights emit a blue light that is ideal for use during the vegetative state, rather than the flowering state. It is not, however, exclusive to just this part of the growing process; MH lights can be used from the time you plant your cannabis seeds to the time you harvest the plants.

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